Power Washing

At Five Star Clean and Seal, we Power Clean to remove grime, mold, mildew, oil stains, and more from your home’s pavers, stones and concrete.

We set temperatures to superheat water to remove toughest of stains and mildew. Superheated water is better for cleaning than simply super high-pressure cold water that can damage your paver and stone investment with excessive water pressure. Superheated water acts like an organic solvent for penetrating cleaning. Just like in your home dishwasher, it takes both hot water as well as pressurized water to get the job done. We use eco-friendly chemical solutions as needed to remove rust and oil stains.

Affordable pricing

We have affordable pricing to Power Clean your sidewalks, driveways, walkways, patio and sides of your home. Regular Power Cleaning maintenance is best way to protect the investment in your home and keep it clean and beautiful looking.

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